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The OCaml Mooc week #1

What a great idea from the Inria: to propose a Mooc about the not-that-well-known OCaml functional programming language, which may be one of the best options to learn the basics of statically typed functional programming today.

And even if OCaml is not that popular, it gets more and more exposure, as major companies like Microsoft (through F#) and Facebook (Flow is built using OCaml, and Reason is a modern OCaml compiling to Javascript) tends to get inspired by it.

This first week is a kind of introduction to the introduction, talking about the history of the language and its basic elements: types and how to define a function. So this is a great opportunity to setup a local OCaml development environment:

brew install ocaml opam

OCaml comes with a great REPL called utop, providing auto completion and basic editing support, contrary to the old-school ocaml REPL.

So enjoy, and see you there!